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    XP major internet problem

    Hi all ^^

    First off i must say that i tried searching for this particular issue but either I'm not good at searching or no one had it or detailed it for information purposes around on common places.

    Well here goes, Windows XP SP2 English version.

    This is what happens, whenever i try to connect to youtube.com for example or shinsen-subs.org or even www.publico.pt it takes forever! i mean forever to open up. I have a 10Mb cable connection in perfect health running along with a router and no virus, spyware or any other related issues, also i need to mention that on torrents or other sites i get real speeds of around 1.4 or 1.8Mb of download, so the connection is good.

    A week ago i decided to install Ubuntu on dual boot, which by the way i find a very serious candidate to become a permanent operating system in this machine since I'm delighted so far ^^, there is basicaly nothing i can't do with it, but anyway, i after i disabled IPV6 on Ubuntu the internet is how it should be and the issues i was experiencing on windows with youtube and the other sites have gone, its like Ubuntu is running on steroids and XP is just starting to get a hold of the hole thing.

    So, my question is this, what can possible be wrong in this picture? SP2 related issues? a "fix" from M$ that broke something else, something related to XP IPV6?

    Installing Ubuntu really made me realize that in fact that wasn't a problem with my internet connection or trafic at one moment or even server related issues with some websites.

    So I'm asking help here, if someone knows what is going on ^^

    Thank you in advance for reading this, help will be greatly apreciated.

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    ipconfig /flushdns

    see what happens with this command line.

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    Thank you Ghost 25inf ^^

    that command was usefull for me to understand something, so after i executed that and ipconfig /displaydns i cleaned the host file under %system32%/drivers/etc/hosts and everything is working normaly now.

    Once again thanks for the help

    Cheers ^^

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