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    AMD vs. Intel in an HP tower

    SPCR was given two essentially identical HP mini-towers by AMD's PR dept. They tested them for noise, their primary interest, and also for other characteristics such as power draw, temps, and video quality.
    The AMD vs. Intel is a bit of a teaser, though partisans will want to read it for that angle. The report is also a good look at a typical OEM tower for those of us who build our own, and useful info when considering recommendations for friends and acquaintances.

    The SPCR report is here.

    Let the flaming begin!

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    Not very impressive, as it is what you would expect?

    1. Lower end OEM stuff works but not spectacularly.
    2. Onboard video isn't very good for graphics intensive work.

    I did find it interesting that AMD seem to be trying to get away from their "runs hot" image by reducing power consumption?

    I did think they were both a little expensive for what you were getting as a package.

    I would have thought you could have bought something significantly cheaper for a true low end requirement and would want something a bit "beefier" for the next stage up? I couldn't quite see the market they were aimed at, but they are not UK offerings.

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