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Thread: using ollydbg

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    using ollydbg

    when i was open the the program "xxx.exe" in ollydbg its show me the ntdll module so i right click and choosed :view->xxx module but than when i press F8 its back to the ntdll module so i cant trace the program sourcecode, how can i make this module view permanent ? (and because this i dont see that the registers value changed..)
    thanks !

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    I dont think you can make it permanent. When you hit f8 it is going to the next instruction and in this case it is ntdll. It is just following the process.

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    In this website, Pablo A Castillo has a ollydbg version modificated by "the shadow", this has more plugins and better interface.


    this is the same ollydbg but enhanced!!

    See the link in the last post.

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