I need of help from a Excell or Access Guru
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Thread: I need of help from a Excell or Access Guru

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    I need of help from a Excell or Access Guru

    Im in need of help from someone knowledgeable in excell or access.

    In the attachement below I have a list of users. I also have an Identifier for those users "Pen ID".

    Im trying to great a graph to show how many times the users appear in the list .

    If anyone knows how I can do this then please let me know

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    You need a pivot table.

    I made something similar with a DB for password changes. List of user (unique) then date, time, location. What you can do is make a pivot table, drag the username into the left hand column then drag the total into the top left square (as I recall). Let me just check.


    Yeah, what I did was drag the username into rows, then drag ANY other field into the top of the username and it gives you a list of users and a frequency.

    This is in excel 2003, pivot tables are in the data menu.
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