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    oh, all log files have only records of events after the incident.
    Which implies that they were wiped before?

    Did anyone else have physical or remote access? Do your brothers run P2P?

    Please run this interactive scan (if you can)


    EDIT: How big was the data on the flash drive? If you can PM me with just one file collected from one of the apparently affected machines, I might be able to help............you will doubtless have to zip it

    EDIT#2 This is even more comprehensive, but is in beta:


    I still have my doubts about malware. The only think I can think of that does what you are describing is a utility called ITweakU.


    Check to see if you have that installed. Also look at your startup file and look in task manager for strange applications and processes.

    What files were transferred between the two computers and did your brothers do it?

    This free utility might let you see if stuff has really been deleted:


    In particular, look for any items you don't recognise that might have been used to cause the problem.
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    thanks people things are back to normal, the flashdisk has since been re-used many times so i couldn't send a file sample, things are back to normal, but my brothers swear that was an attack of some kind because some programs like poweriso,business plan pro, and many others coiuldn't work after that, we have since reinstalled them, its like they were kicked off the windows registry.

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    Possible this is windows being dense?

    "oh noez!!!1111 there iz a filez erorrr! I willz fixxed them with my awes0me checkdisk powahz! There we go, I fixed the rejistry so its all emptiez!"
    If the world doesn't stop annoying me I will name my kids ";DROP DATABASE;" and get revenge.

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    Hi Aard~,

    That is the sort of thing I was suspecting. Some sort of performance enhancing, tweaking type utility? a Registry "cleaner" or whatever.

    That seemed to match the symptoms described?

    Apart from Windows "shooting itself in the foot" there are a lot of "snake oil" maintenance products on the market.


    This link is where to send files you are suspicious about for checking:


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