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    Evaluate the Windows Server Code Name "Longhorn" Public Beta today

    Evaluate the Windows Server Code Name "Longhorn" Public Beta today
    The next generation of the Windows Server operating system gives you more control, greater flexibility, and increased protection for your server infrastructure while reducing time and costs. And when you download or order the beta software, you're automatically registered to access valuable beta resources assembled in one convenient Beta Central location.
    Please review Windows Server "Longhorn" system requirements and compare editions before you proceed. Actual requirements and product functionality may vary based on your system configuration.

    even though it's a beta, im downloading a copy and will be throwing it onto a mock up server just so i can have a little peak at what' this looks like.


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    Hasn't the name, "Longhorn", been used for another product before? Or have I just seen this already on msdn or something?


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    Longhorn was the original name of Vista.

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    Key note here,
    Available Disk Space

    Minimum: 8GB
    Recommended: 40GB (Full installation) or 10GB (Server Core installation)
    Optimal: 80GB (Full installation) or 40GB (Server Core installation) or more
    Note: Computers with more than 16GB of RAM will require more disk space for paging, hibernation, and dump files

    I had to laugh when i read this

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