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    Exclamation intel 82845g graphic driver for windows vista

    I've installed windows vista on my pc. its p4 2.4ghz 382 mb ram and intel 845 motherboard. windows vista has accepted all the drivers of the motherboard except tha for the graphic controller. its stuct in the vga mode. when i installed the driver, everytime i boot it says it ha installed the driver for intel 82845g graphic controller and system requires arestart. but after restarting also its stuct in the vga mode and device manager shows tha it has disabled the driver. what shold i do?????

    pls hlp

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    sounds to me like the driver you have isn't vista compatible. Or possibly has got stuck in a loop.

    Try removing the driver, rebooting then installing a fresh driver from the intel website.

    I'd also recommend some extra RAM.
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    Buy a decent video card with at least 128Mb of memory. Make sure that it is Vista compatible and has the drivers.

    That chipset is obsolete and won't support Vista, which is doubtless why it is reverting to VGA mode.


    As already stated you could do with some more memory (RAM) as well. 512Mb is recommended as a minimum.
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    Download the Intel 845G graphics card driver for Windows XP and extract it.

    When installing the driver in windows vista choose let me select the location and browse to the Win200 folder of the extracted file and point to the ialmnt5.inf file.

    This driver works with the XPDM model and intel says that it is supported with Vista and I have it running on my system but there is no Aero support for the RTM and later version. If you want the glass Aero on Vista...install the graphics card drivers of 845G and just go for Window Blinds...lol...100% Working.
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