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    Exclamation Webpage in Vb.net


    I want to call a web page in vb with a parameter(which is a form component - form1.label1.text).

    I made the webpage in html and invoked it thru a button....with the code:

    the page opened but it didnt recognise the form component and the default page opened. It says the form1 is not declared.

    Here I need to know 2 things....How can I pass the parameter so that it opens the customised page and not the defualt page.

    Also, can I open the webpage inside the window form like in some type of window?? If yes, how?

    The HTML file is present in the solution itself. If you want me to change the type of file, so kindly give suggestions on how can i do that!!

    That'll be really helpful!!

    One more thing, how can I declare a variable as global, so that its accessible throughout the solution?


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    Hello friend!

    Programming webpage applications are not same as a windows/desktop applications.

    if you need pass a value from a your vb.net app to html site you need first find the control on the webpage.


    about the event under the windows form applications see this. hmm I am not sure, see this post for your help.


    and why dont pass the value thru the URL when this is opened, and when the site is open take this value from the URL and paste this to the control.

    hope this help.

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    the problem i m facing here is

    how do i call a webpage in VB?

    I tried doing so from the system.diagnostics.process.start() command but all it does is opens the code....but it doesnt process the page.

    So, in the end, here's wat i have:

    I hav a webpage which shows the information of the country. By default, I have set it to USA. Also, I added a textbox, this text box takes the name of a country and displays the information of that country on the same webpage. The value from this textbox gets stored into a variable called 'where' which is then used for further processing.

    Now, I have a VB project with me which I built using Visual Studio 2005. This project is connected with a database. This database has profiles of users and it also contains the details of the country. And all the details of the user displayed in labels.

    So, what I want to do is....when a user opens his profile or goes to the profile of someone else....we get to see the country details.

    I was planning, if something could be done as following:

    1. In my windows form, if something can be added like a picturebox which can display the country details.
    2. Whenever a profile opens, the value of the country is either passed to the webpage directly from the database or from the label.
    3. Then the webpage opens inside that box in the form.

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