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    Exclamation Accessing aspx file in VB


    I have created a VB WindowsApplication Project and a ASP WebSite Project separately.

    Later I added the ASP site to the solution of the VB Project.

    Now, I want to access the default.aspx file in my VB project and at the same time, the asp web site uses a component of one the forms i.e. form1.label3.text of the VB Project.

    But, I m not able to do so....can any one help me with this?

    Help is really appreciated!!


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    in your other post I reply a partial solution.


    and if the website is a .aspx this solution has a code behind file, this need a iis server to run, if you use a shellexecute/process function to run this dont display the form indeed.

    I recomend you use a simple html site and use a javascript functions, pass the value that you need thru the URL so http://mysite.htm?valor=casa

    and later use a function for get this value when the html is loaded and pass this to the control.


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    Should I add a new webpage in the solution?

    If yes how do I call that webpage in my other vb form??

    Lemme tell....i m a complete newbie in this scenario....so, if u can provide the exact steps....that'll be really helpful.


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