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    Ecofriendly CD disposal

    There is a new device out that supposedly securely erases CD/DVDs.

    The idea is that they can then be recycled which shredded ones cannot. The problem is that to recycle them you need to remove the metallic layer, which is not really feasible if they have been shredded.

    More details here: http://www.pr.com/*************/37186

    I am not sure if I would trust it though?

    OK, I have found the problem. When you get to the main page, go to your address bar and replace the ********* with press$release You will have to replace the $ with a hyphen as well
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    ? Link result:
    The page you requested was not found

    For cd-r's: leave them out in bright sunshine for a week or two.

    just run a nail across the label, you can scrape the whole thing off in seconds.

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    Hi Al~,

    The page is there, you just have to replace the asterisks with press release and put a hyphen between the two words.
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    I put them on my wall. My bedroom in Michigan has hundreds of CDs on it from AOL and whoever else sends stuff I don't want, and whenever a CD I no longer need is ready for the trash, I generally grab some tape and pop it up too. I've made a wall mirror basically and put a few on the ceiling as well, which is awesome if you have a laser pointer because I set them up to reflect off each other so you get a little light show every time.

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    Another use is to contact a local middle school tech ed department. Our kids tech ed teacher used to use them as wheels for mouse trap driven cars.

    They make good mirrors for survival kits, I understand if you hang them in the garden the flashes will keep the birds away

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    Many things to do with those free AOL Cd's

    1. Use it as a doggie tag
    2. Pizza cutter
    3. Disco ball
    4. Budgie mirror
    5. Pearly Queen (hi tech fashion for eastenders)
    6. Fancy garden table for Barbie
    7. Reflective tiles for the bathroom
    8. Spokey Dokeys for your bike
    9. Surgeons reflector
    10. Elton johns glasses (1975)
    11. Bra for las vagas show girl
    12. Laser pointer deflector
    13. Drink mat
    14. Frisbee
    15. Tribal lip extender

    I have over 100 more on my very first website which shockingly is still up. kinda scary. what on earth possessed me to use that colour scheme.....
    If the world doesn't stop annoying me I will name my kids ";DROP DATABASE;" and get revenge.

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