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    Monitor not compatable with linux??

    I had an old IBM monitor that worked just fine with OpenSuse 10.2 Then the monitor went out so I got a different one. Its a CTL (Computer Technology Link)
    monitor and it seems a little old but not that old. Any way I got XP and OpenSuse 10.2 dual booted on my HD. The monitor works fine with XP but when I try and load linux it goes through the loading process but when it gets to where it would normally load KDE a black screen comes up with a message that says something like Out of range. Anyone ever heard of something like this?

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    I am sorry that I cannot help you with a Linux fix, because I do not know your distro.

    I can tell you what the problem is though

    The refresh rate and screen resolution are beyond what your OS driver can handle.

    The resolution is to try to get an appropriate driver for that make/model of monitor for your Linux distro.

    Also, can you boot Linux into a VGA mode and then set the resolution and refresh rate to something within range?

    If you have problems you might try to boot into Doze and set the refresh rate to something like 72 and the resolution to 640x480 then reboot into Linux. Otherwise (and a better idea) use a Linux boot CD and change the settings from within that.

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    Boot to a console only mode (runlevel 3) and edit /etc/X11/xorg.conf. Look for the monitor section. Change the HorizFreq and VertRefresh to suit your "new" monitor. There are no "monitor drivers" when using Xorg/XFree. It's all about setting the correct horizontal and vertical frequencies. You could try removing both and let X figure it out using EDID.
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    Thank you SirDice,

    That reminds me of back in the days of Windows 3.x when you altered the startup to tweak the best out of your 512Kb ISA video card and high resolution monitor.

    I still have some of those ISA cards

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