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    USB ports on Network

    Hi All,

    We got Windows 2003 AD domain with all the workstations/servers as Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista. As part of our security policy we do not keep the USB ports enabled and disable them from BIOS itself. But we want to make sure that there are no machines which have USB port left enabled by mistake.
    Is there any way/software whereby we can check/scan the ports remotely on the domain?

    Thanks in advance.

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    well, what we have done here is disabled all drive letters for most users except their home area (H), group area and for some users D and E. This means that CD drives, the C drive and all USB drives are inaccessible to most users except admin and the privileged few. Unfortunately since we did this through the ranger software I can't recall the exact way to do it through AD, I know it can be done however.
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    I dont really like using policies because they are way too easy to get around. I know Nihil knows of some software that blocks the use of usb ports in windows though...

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