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    Smile Vista Installation Error

    Hello All

    I am trying to install vista business but getting this error “windows cannot be installed to this disk windows needs the driver for device [Primary IDE Channel]. click 'load drivers' and load the require device driver “

    I’ve tried motherboard cd for the driver but installation says no device driver found on cd. But the cd works find with xp sp2 installation.

    No information available on windows support site for the error. I have google abt the error but no solid result. Few people are facing same error but nothing is there to fix the error.

    I am using MSDN dvd for the installation. I have successfully installed vista business on other machine using same dvd.

    Any idea abt this error.

    Thanx in advance
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    Have you gone to the boards manufacturer and seen if they have a driver for Vista???

    Maybe the controller is not on the HCL????

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    yes, hardware is vista ready...

    bcoz i am using same M/B on other computer..and i've sucessfully installed vista on that.
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    When WinPE cannot find a hard disk it assumes that you have a controller that it does not have built in drivers for. If its the same MB on another computer and you did not need to load controller drivers then check your hard drive and make sure bios can see it.

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    i've changed my hdd to new one but its giving same error, on bios its showing hdd.

    the only diffrence in both computer is ram.. im getting error with SD ram... on other machine its DDR.

    HCL says minimum 1 GB ram required for vista, but i've already installed with 768 MB
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    Well, if both MoBos are the same, then they support both RAM types. Try taking the DDR out of the other machine and putting it into the one you are trying to install Windows on.

    I don't think it is the amount of RAM, as Vista will run quite happily on 512Mb.

    There may be a problem with one of the RAM strips. Try putting them into the other machine that already has Vista on it.

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    SD ram is not workin on any of machine with vista installation but when i changed it to DDR i can install it on other machine too..

    well, i guess this SD ram is not supported with vista...

    anyway..its working now...thx for the help..
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