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    Any HDD works with my laptop?

    Hello everyone. I have a HP Pavilion and I need to boy another Hard Drive. Are there generic hard drives for laptops that I can buy? Or do I need an HP HDD specificly for Pavilion?

    Thanks in advanced.

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    I would think any HDD would work. HDD sizes are pretty standard:
    3.5" for desktops, 2.5" for laptops. Some of the computer mfg'ers
    certify HDD's for laptops (Lenovo comes to mind), but on desktops
    I don't think that's an issue. Just save the receipt and make sure
    you can return the HDD you buy, just in case. Bear in mind also
    that any new HDD you buy will not have the partitioning that came
    with the original HDD from HP, so there'll be no recovery partition
    on your replacement for restoring Windows.
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    Yes, any one of that type will work, irrespective of manufacturer. Actually, if you take them apart, you will find that you have machines of the same make/model that have different manufacturer's components in them......... it is a constant buyer/seller battle

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    Thx a lot.

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