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    Outlook 2003 error

    I've a user having trouble when opening his outlook to retrieve his mail. It always prompt him that the "pst file is in use and folder not able to open" I've checked and there's only outlook running at that moment and no other applications are open.

    anyone gt any idea what tis problem could be due to? Thanks.

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    It is probably corrupt. Pst files seem to have a lot of various problems. You should try deleting it and a new one will be made in its own.

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    anyway to recover it? deleting will indicate that the user will lose all his emails.

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    Don't delete the PST file. Rather, back it up. Copy it to another
    folder on the computer, or to a thumbdrive or CD-R.

    Delete the Outlook profile (not the PST), then create a new one.


    Outlook profiles are problematic, not the PST's.
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    Also try to scan the pst file with the utility scanpst, you will find this utility on the following path: -

    c:\Program Files\Common Files\System\MSMAPI\1033\scanpst.exe

    If c is your default installation drive.
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