Hi all,
I hope I'm in the right section of the forum... if not, just yell at me.

I'm having an issue with Zone Alarm Security Suite and my wireless router which is a NetGear WGR614 v6.
Now, here's the thing.
I have had ZASS longer than I've had the router, and in the days before the router, ZASS worked flawlessly. It restricted application access unless I told it it was ok for that app to act as a server or whatever.
So far, so good.
Then I bought the router.
My cable comes up through the floorboards of my house and into the back of a Motorola SB5100 cable modem. The ethernet output from the modem goes to the input of the router, and I have an ethernet cable running from channel 2 of the router to my PC's ethernet port. Two other PC's in the house access the internet connection wirelessly. Neither of these machines are affected by the following issues though, only the desktop machine.
However, now, when I unblock ZASS, for the first minute or so, no websites are accessible. Firefox keeps on throwing up an empty tab called "Problem loading page" with a message "Unable to connect" on it. But then, miraculously, after a minute or so, Firefox suddenly starts to get communications happening, and it starts finding pages.
I've also tried this with IE6, and get the same result.
It also seems to affect Thuderbird, although not as often. Sometimes e-mails will come in straight away, yet webpages won't load in FF. Other times, Thunderbird says it can't find the mail server, but then a few minutes later, it does.
And if I shut ZASS down (by right clicking the sytem tray icon and selecting "Shutdown ZA Security Suite"), all sites become available instantly.
So, it seems (at least, to me) that it's some kind of conflict between ZASS and the router. Neither one seems to be a problem in it's own right... it's only when both are in action that there's a problem.
So, anyone got any ideas?
I'm happy to supply more details if it'll help.
Thanks guys.