Here we go again -- another hard drive goes missing!

It seems like I can't write enough about these incidents; it's happened again, but this time it's the Transportation Security Administration that's "misplaced" a hard drive. There's no need to panic yet (probably) because the drive may still physically be within their headquarters. Even so, that isn't much consolation for the approximately 100,000 TSA employees (current and former) whose personal information the drive contains. Just because the drive may be on the premises doesn't preclude it from having been examined and/or tampered with. I don't know how comfortable I feel with an agency that is responsible for my security (most of us know the TSA for their airport security functions as a division of the Department of Homeland Security) when they can't even maintain security within a "controlled area" at their own headquarters!
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I wonder if they are already playing the internal blame game.