I don't really don't know how professional I am after doing a stint with the Dod working as a CF dev and web admin---started with an Echostar call-center and other deployment/installation gigs after AAS. Have B.S. but in former life(Hospitality Mgt)

I have several certs: most recently SANS GSEC. Just building my 3 dimensions of the business (ed., cert, experience). I decided to pursue CCSP. (Have some Cisco 6500, 4500, and 2600/1900XL experience).

I realize the there are 5 exams; 4 + 1 elective. Which of the following would you recommend (in matter of relevance/importance/significance as a known/used methodology):

1) Securing Hosts Using Cisco Security Agent (HIPS)

2)Implementing Cisco NAC Appliance (CANAC)

3) Implementing Cisco Security Monitoring, Analysis and Response System (MARS)

4) Cisco Secure Virtual Private Networks (CSVPN)


#4 is important. What about the 3 systems?

I appreciate your input. Tks!