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    WiFi Security Advice - Windows - Cisco APs

    Small school - 150 laptops using a fully Cisco AP wireless campus. (backbone
    switches are 3com)
    Currently Wifi has a SSID that is not broadcasted, but not WEP or WPA or
    anything else for that matter. I know this is terrible and should never have
    been set up this way but I took over this mess and want to fix it.
    We currently push via GPO the SSID.

    My question is -
    Is there a way to implement some kind of security quickly and without having
    to touch every laptop?

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    My school campus is all wireless and we have several AP's and none of them have any type of security. They are on a different subnet from the dorm's though so it does keep the people who reside there safe from Wardriving the director of IT says that we are a state school so anyone in the state should be able to use it or something dumb like that lol...

    Anyways they do have systems that force you to agree to a disclosure before you can connect to the internet. Free WAPs use software like this all the time. For example Panara bread:

    If you have never connected and you try to use the internet through something other than port 80 it is blocked. Now once you do use a browser it brings you to the agreement page and if you agree it adds your mac address to the ACL and you can now access the internet freely.

    Now I am sure you can have a similar setup but with a password that only students and faculty know. So you need: a server to host the application and the software its self.

    Problem being is I do not know who makes the software or what it is called.

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