Norton Antivirus attacks
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Thread: Norton Antivirus attacks

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    Norton Antivirus attacks

    Full story can be found here;

    An error occurring in the update of Norton's virus database on Friday has caused millions of PCs and computers to crash-a heavy blow to people's daily work and ongoing business.
    The common symptom is that the computer may suddenly encounter a blue screen and then be prompted with an error message. The same problem remains even after a reboot of the system.

    Wow I didnt expect anything like this. I'm currently running Kaspersky for AV and internet security suite.

    Cheers, cn22

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    The web site is not available at this time. Please try again soon.

    Is the message that i get when i try to visit the linked site.


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    The link seems to be OK now 08:32hrs BST (GMT +1)

    Yes, this is a problem that security software faces................ they have to update at least daily, so they don't have the same window of opportunity for testing that other softwares do.

    There was an incident about a year ago with PC-Cillin that affected Japan and the Far East in a similar sort of way. They had to pay several million dollars in compensation as I recall.
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