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    Unacceptable Posts

    This thread is intended to give AO users especially to all newbies like me a clear examples of types of posts that are disallowed at all times:

    Brute-force Request
    This will be removed due to unacceptable
    content, we are not a Hacker/Cracker Site.

    Hello , I need a brute force to crack http forms , its for somesite.com, I
    cant find my login password and I pooped up on my birthdate please help

    Malicious code
    This post was an obvious example of someone
    presenting code that would damage another's computer. Note the blatant
    statement at the bottom - there was no mention of an attack that was
    being investigated.
    If you need to present an attack of this nature it must be part of a formal
    investigation and even then it is not acceptable to post the malicious code

    /* This program will completely kill windows
    so DO NOT run it */

    removed malicious code

    Ok, I wrote this in Dev C++. I mean if this is so simple why don't people
    just use this stragedy for a virus?"


    This post also falls in the category of Lame.
    Seeking help in doing damage or otherwise disrupting security
    measures in place.

    "BACKGROUND ON THE SITUATION: you know those sites that tell
    you what ure IP addy is? well i was chatting with a friend of mine (who
    was on her mom's work computer at some company that we will call
    BLAH) and i told her to goto the site and tell me what the number was.
    She did. So i have this IP and i start messing around in DOS. I type
    telnet, out of curiosity and it asks for another command and i type the
    help command (?/help) and it bring up this directory and i saw the
    command <-o> and the description was "connect to hostname" so i hit "o"
    and it asked for the IP and i entered it...It asks for a password... I
    thought if i was lucky they would stick with the default (1234) and they
    did! It brings up this netgear screen with bunches of options...

    PROBLEM: I have gotten this far by guessing and pure luck and I want
    some advice because I want to get better. ALSO...under system
    maintenance (24) and then call control (9) It has an option for
    a "blacklist" (2) and has places to enter phone numbers...whats a black


    Vague question and lack of effort

    This could have been a good subject had the poster taken the time and
    effort to search out a couple examples on their own. Our goal here is to
    stimulate intelligent discussion. We all know how to use AO Search and
    google. There would be literally hundreds of examples found. The poster
    could have spent the time to search, give a brief discussion of what they
    learned and then ask for opinions as well as leads on other material.

    "Firewall and IDS Books

    Can anyone recommend a good book(s) for firewalls and ids. I am new to
    the security field somewhat, well going into my third quarter at my school
    for security. Thanks for the help"


    Illegal request "Hack my computer"

    This request could be innocent and genuine. Problem is the post
    contains a public IP address and a request to attack. By any laws in any
    country this would be illegal without written permission.
    If you want to run a test against a server you must contact AO
    administration, provide justification, proof of the project, and written
    permission on official letterhead signed by a verifiable official.
    As a rule AO simply do not allow such activity due to the potential legal
    implications. There are plenty of widely known "hack attack" sites out
    there to test your skills.


    Hello i,m a teacher for a class who is working with security on Linux and
    Windows servers. This week they have a linux box running and some
    traffic is needed.

    If any want to hack this box they are welcome to do that. The IP is

    Be nice and post a note if you get inside. "



    It is obvious that the poster simply wanted to bypass security
    measures in place.

    "I have a problem, my parents installed Norton Internet Security
    on my computer. To use a program for online use they have to login as
    admin and ok it. My stepmom who has the account is on a business trip
    and she would normally ok it. I just want to play an online game of Return
    To Castle Wolfenstein how do I make this happen. Is there a way to
    bypass security? "

    Lame, Lack of effort, Poorly formed question

    We understand that many of our members may not use English as
    their primary language. In this case it may be difficult to present ideas
    clearly. If that is the case please make that fact known lest we assume
    the poster is simply asking a question without looking things up for
    themselves. As mentionned above - take the time to properly describe
    your situation and ask a question that makes sense. This question could
    easily have been worded to bring up a valid question such as:

    "Where do my critical updates go after they are installed. Do I need to
    delete them?"

    "Windows critical updates

    I have been downloading critical updates and I was wondering what
    should I do with those updates once after they have been installed? "


    Hacking/cracking and Abusive
    Obviously this person was looking for help in doing damage to
    another's computer.
    Expressly Verboten.

    "Counter attack

    Some mutha*****er is trying to hack me. I use Sygate Firewall personal
    Ed. and everyday I get some warning, and see an IP always in the same
    range. How can I screw the bastard? I got broadband.

    Thanks in advance."


    If you want to share something that you received in an email, take the
    time to remove any garbage characters and make it look decent.

    "> > > Eighty percent of Kindergartners solved this
    > > > riddle, but only 5% of Stanford graduates figured it out!
    > > >
    > > > Can you answer the following question?
    > > >
    > > > 1 The word has seven letters...
    > > > 2. Preceded God... "


    Hacking/cracking, lame, offering illegal services.

    This one is so obvious I won't even present the body of the post. You
    can see what the user is up to by reading the title alone.




    Trying to bypass a program's copy protection, with no context whatsoever or
    reasonable explanation added. Expressely forbidden, AO is not a cracking
    or warez site.

    Hi i got a exe that i need to use but its has a Hardware fingerprint is there a way of bypassing this?????

    Spamming - especially in efforts to sell something.

    The user wrote a new wingding application and wanted to advertise it.
    AO is not in the business of advertising. The user also had the site for
    his commercial application in his signature. Unquestionably disallowed.


    I just finish the development of my My New Commercial Application

    (More screenshots: http://mysite.com/mycommercialprogram/screenshots.html)

    If you have any suggestions, please let me know! Here is a short

    My New Commercial Application provides advanced information about all
    running processes (applications, DLL's, BHO's and services). For each
    My New Commercial Application recognizes also virtual driver software,
    services, BHO and other processes which hide from the Windows task

    if you have something to add please do so...

    Mods: please delete this if this is not a good idea to post.
    Last edited by alakhiyar; May 10th, 2007 at 07:01 AM.

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    Not a bad post but when did you become Admin and decide what people can post and what not hhaha, they can ask us whatever they want, its up to us if we answer the question or not, the members here don't like helping a malicios purpose but i've seen some do it before and the post weren't removed......

    and we usually like a source if you copy stuff from another website buddy

    Last edited by 妯py展ght; May 10th, 2007 at 03:21 PM.
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    Well it's a worthwhile idea but we do have the acceptable use policy which is linked at the bottom of every page, is shown (and must be agreed to to proceed) during the registration process, and is also linked in the welcome email new members receive. It covers those topics.

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    I guess you had the right intentions, but your looking to get flamed.

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    Nah, not at all. He did have a good idea and I appreciate his interest in the forum and it's integrity.

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    Quote Originally Posted by thehorse13
    Ennis covered all of this eons ago.

    hahahhaa, how funny comment (speaking scientific)

    Quote Originally Posted by info tech geek
    I guess you had the right intentions
    i second this, i also appreciate your effort
    Last edited by HackerzMaster; May 10th, 2007 at 05:37 PM.
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    I want to know whats the point of taking other peoples work from www.security-forums.com and trying to pass it off as your own? Not just you per se, but the people who actually do this. Can we say plagiarism at it's finest.

    Plagiarism -

    Using ideas, plots, text and other intellectual property developed by someone else while claiming it is your original work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Computernerd22
    I want to know whats the point of taking other peoples work from www.security-forums.com and trying to pass it off as your own? Not just you per se, but the people who actually do this. Can we say plagiarism at it's finest.

    Plagiarism -

    There really should be some kind of punishment for this imo. Just my 2 cents.
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    There really should be some kind of punishment for this imo. Just my 2 cents.

    I have to disagree. Seriously, you cannot punish someone for typing/speaking whats on there mind on a forum on a *public website*.

    Amendment 1, comes to mind here; "the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech,"

    you disagree with my previous reply, big deal I disagree with yours.

    IM curious SLOT, what punishment would suit the crime?

    Having the admin ban me by my IP address or the entire netrange?

    NetRange: - <---IM somewhere in this range?

    Cheers, CN22

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