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Thread: Metasploit Error !!!

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    Question Metasploit Error !!!

    i was playing around with metasploit. Whenever i launch exploit from http://www.metasploit.com:55555/EXPLOITS i got stuck with "This server has been started in 'Defanged' mode. Check and Exploit options are not available..." error.
    What does it actiually mean? I have tried different exploits against different targets but i got the same error. Where i am wrong?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Alokpatidar
    I have tried different exploits against different targets but i got the same error.
    Are you asking people how to hack?
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    If you took 30 seconds to look on the Metasploit site, you'd see this:

    If you are trying to use the official demo server at
    metasploit.com, this will be the case (we dont want to run exploits for
    random people off the internet). If you aren't running your own msfweb
    server, please do so (MSFWeb in the start menu on Windows or
    just 'msfweb' on Unix).
    In other words, you can't be a tool and run exploits from their web demo host so stop it.

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