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    You didn't remove that little sticker that says

    "unauthorized tampering may lead to serious death or injury'

    did you? I vote that the power supply can't handle the new
    equipment. Uninstall and test...
    I came in to the world with nothing. I still have most of it.

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    1. Are you getting any beeps from the BIOS?
    2. Have you tried a different video cable?

    The logo is not that unusual. Most screens will produce some sort of display if they are not getting a signal.

    That is a very heavy cooling combination. It is quite easy to damage the motherboard when installing them. Particularly after the MoBo has been used for a while............they get brittle.

    I don't think that it is a power supply issue. Compatible CPU fans don't use that much different in my experience.

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    Bad memory won't throw beep codes all the time, unfortunately.

    Bad memory will cause some of the most voodoo symptoms you'll ever deal with in comp repair. I'm not talking about dead memory, I'm talking about failing memory...

    Troubleshoot by sticking the monitor on another system, and keep swapping parts around between boxes until you find the culprit.

    Hope you have extra stuff!

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    The interesting bit would be if there are any beeps at all or just one.

    One would suggest that it has booted properly whilst none would suggest that it has not.

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    Check that the voltage on the back of the PC hasn't been switched... I was in a competition in high school, and the only symptom was that the monitor wouldn't come on... I checked everything, video card, ram, monitor cable, you name it... time ran out... the guy overseeing that station flipped that switch, and presto... it started working again... not sure if this is your problem, but double check... I think it should be set to 115 in the US...
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    The voltage selection switch is (by design) not something you can change by accident.

    This is the cooler:


    It weighs 755gr which is around 27 ounces!

    Intel socket 478 and AMD 754, 939 and 940 have a recommended maximum of 450gr. For other sockets it is 300gr.

    Even carelessly moving a machine with a cooling unit like that in it can screw it.

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    Thank you Slot you are correct. Opus learn some manners. I do know what I am talking about.

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    Just wanted to say thanks to everyone, I found a solution that's got the machine working again

    I took the advice that was simple first and tried taking the MOBO out and we couldn't get the cable to each so we tried re-seating the board and then slowly adding all the components back in one at a time.

    It worked the first time we booted up so then we re-added the NIC and soundcard and so on and the machine is back to normal AND the internal temp has gone down almost 10 degrees with the new cooling system.

    So thanks everyone for the help and the ideas it's much appreciated, and me knowing almost nothing about hardware except that it's easy to break I don't like messing with it but thanks again, as you all helped get it going again

    Anyway, I'm starting to ramble, exhaustion heh. Went to the Nekromantix show last night and I'm bruised up and sore form the mosh pit

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