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    Hidden Files Option Not working in XP

    The show hidden files / folder button is not working, when i click it and change the settings nothing happen.

    Even i try to change the registry HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Advanced\Folder\Hidden

    value to 1 but nothing happen, some say it might be a virus PLease advice.
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    run system file checker to see if you have damaged files somewhere

    start>run>sfc /scannow
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    there's a thread about it on cnet


    i dont have time to read through the whole thread and give you the solution so read it yourself =)
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    thanks copyright. the link you have shown solved the same problem I had in my PC.

    I think that a virus which launches itself from C:\heap41a\ is present and runs a process svchost.exe under the USER space ispresent. All we need to apply the registry patch shown by copyright in the cnet forumsis that we should stop the process from task amanegr by seeing the name of the proceess and 'username' as the login name of the user logged in right then. Then remove the virus using DOS from the directory C:\heap41a\ and install the registry patch. then reboot the system.
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