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    What would be the best way to switch from Norton to different software? Would I download the new software first and install it, then remove Norton? I don't want to leave my PC unprotected. Does anyone have tips for the process of switching?

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    Please don't do that................. you will almost guarantee problems and conflicts.

    1. Download new application to a folder you will remember, or do it on another machine and burn it to a CD. Do NOT install it yet.

    2. Go to the Norton (Symantec) website and look for uninstallation/cleanup tools. Download them.


    4. Boot into safe mode and uninstall Norton.

    5. Run any cleanup tools they had.

    6. Defragment your HDD.

    7.Reboot into normal mode.

    8. Install your new application.

    9. Defragment again.

    10. Check the application's function and security settings.

    11. Logon to the internet and update the application.

    Good luck!

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    Here's a perfect example. I bought a thinkpad recently, and it came loaded with a norton trial. Much as I hate norton, I was gonna ride it out for the length of the trial. Everytime I connected to a wireless router, in approximately 2 seconds, the connection was broken. Was driving me absolutely NUTS. Then, on a hunch, I disabled norton. Bingo. The freakin' thing was disconnecting me, and I couldn't find a rule to create that would prevent it. I removed all traces of it from my pc (no easy task in itself) and DLed Kaspersky, as I have on my desktop

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    Hello all, hope all is well.
    Ive been using BitDefender for about a year now. I like it. Its my first all-in-one.
    Before that I used Avast AntiVirus and Ad-Aware AntiSpyware with Sygate firewall.

    Hope this helps.
    Doug Woodall

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    I used to use AVG but after have alot of problems with my PC I decided to get symantec which cleaned up my system. It found trojans and viruses that AVG didnt pick up.

    So my vote goes for symantec however everything else mentioned here also works great
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    Symantec corporate isn't bad. It's certainly better than their home version, which is norton.

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    I would go with that JPNyc. Pretty much the same for McAfee as well. I think that Kaspersky and PC-Cillin are closer with their home products to their corporate ones?

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    all I can tell you is, I scanned PCs with norton, and trend micro (pc-cillin) and McAfee found things norton missed. Pandascan found things PCcillin missed, and Kaspersky found things they ALL missed.

    That said I NEVER, EVER put 100% trust in any one scan of any type. I always back it up with at LEAST one more opinion, via online scan.

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    Here is a comparison breakdown as of Feb 2007, you will notice the highest rated is called G DATA Security and the lowest rated is **cough**cough** Microsoft OneCare....

    Kaspersky sits behind F-Secure in 4th place.


    Anyway, read the comparisons and based upon what you need, make a decision, IMHO, I would get rid of Norton for sure.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JPnyc
    Symantec corporate isn't bad.
    I dunno. We got hit with a virus a few months back that specifically
    hit SAV 10. It wreaked havoc in several of our plants (but not ours,
    we still run SAV 8.1).

    I steer clear of security suites. They've become very complicated,
    overengineered pieces of software that are tough to troubleshoot.
    I had to deal with a user, an engineer in California, the other day,
    who brought his newly formatted Vista PC into work running TrendMicro's
    security suite. He could get connected to the LAN and some of the
    WAN. Some sites simply wouldn't come up for him like Yahoo, but
    Google would. I went through it for about a 1/2 hour remotely and
    finally told him he was on his own, it's not a company unit.

    Anything available in a security suite is built into other apps or the
    operating system, so why bother? Anti-phishing is built into the latest
    versions of most webbrowsers, Windows firewall's decent enough,
    there's plenty of anti-spam apps out there, there's plenty of good
    stand-alone antivirus apps, and fending off spyware is more than a
    one-app job.

    The real problem with security suites is they make you think you're safe...
    “Everybody is ignorant, only on different subjects.” — Will Rogers

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