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    System Meltdown?

    Forget about global warming...............Compaq make laptops that run as hot as a nuclear explosion.

    This guy's box wouldn't start because it reached 5155C

    Story here:


    I think that the truth of the matter is that the display doesn't support decimal points. The cutoff will be set at 50C (that seems to be a common default?)............... so it wouldn't start.

    I would guess that he has dust bunnies in his vents and fans...........or maybe the CPU fan has failed?

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    CPU fan failed?

    thats not the fan.........its a nulear reaction going out of hand.

    if i were him, i would bury it and run.........
    you are entering the vicinity of an area adjecent to the location.

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    Wow, interesting ...

    Nice find nihil.
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