There is a continuing debate over filesharing and the "piracy" of copyrighted materials. Particularly as the laws are very varied throughout the Globe.

I think that this website is interesting, as it sets out the UK stance on the matter. "From the horse's mouth" so to speak.

Please note that "illegal" here means "criminal" (a felony) rather than an infringement of Civil Law.

It is interesting to note that it is "legal"

1. To purchase pirated media
2. To posess pirated media (other than for distribution)
3. Presumably to download pirated performances?

It is illegal to manufacture or distribute copyrightable performances. So it is illegal to upload them, as that constitutes "distribution".

It is interesting to see the very "careful wording" given that the source is the industry body

Website is here:

So, if they go after an ISP, they can only really go after the uploaders on the grounds of aiding and abetting illegal distribution. The same would hold good of colleges and schools.