You read it. I gotta train up some new guys on how to slaughter threw spyware but the problem is that when I go looking for it I can never find the really nasty stuff. I mean I can find spyware from or go google'en crackz, free screen savers, free porn, poker sites, sploitz, etc, etc.

I'm looking for the sites that give you the varents of zlob, winantivirus, winfixer, error guard and some of the others that home users seem to get all the time.

Anyone know of a list of bogus sites or lists of black listed sites?

Ideally I'm looking for a list of sites I can go too with a test box, install activex controls, click yes to a few links and get the test box riddled with popups, toolbars, and 'your machine is infected.'

any help would be awesome.