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    Help with spyware/virus/trojan

    I am not too sure the right place to post my problem, please let me if this is not the right forum for help.

    I have a 5 years old Toshiba Satelite 5100 laptop, one night I had the blue screen of death, and hard drive died. no bootable can read the drive.

    I bought a sega 80g drive and reinstall the XP home from the recovery disk, but once I connect to Internet, I got some virus/spyware/trojan, display some popup, one is "Your computer is infected, windows has detected spareware infection which corrupted the registry.." and ask me to go to registrycleanerxp.com, which I believe it's a spyware site.

    I repeated to format drive and reintall homeXP a few times, still could not get rid of those virus/spyware/trojan, is my BIOS infected? or somewhere?

    I use free online Trendmicro Housecall to scan the pc, and found the following virus/spyware/trojan


    and the Housecall can not clean those virus/spyware/trojan (coz it's free??), so I went to do the manual clean, but some registry key can not be deleted, especially the LEGACY_WLMSNGR under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE>CurrentControlSet>Enum>Root, and I can not kill this service in Task Manager process, (end process and come back righ away).

    Please help me, I am desperated!
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