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Thread: New DoS - IPv6

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    New DoS - IPv6

    TCP has SYN flooding, IPv6 has Type 0 DoS


    While source routing existed in ipv4, ipv6 amps it up many times over and can be used for extremely simple DoS.

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    Sounds like a lot of organisations in the US are moving to IPV6.

    I don't know of any in the UK, I don't see much requirement for IPV6 skills either.....

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    Start using IPv6 today.. You'll be ahead of your competition.. More and more equipment is starting to support/use IPv6. Mobile phones, PDAs, it's even installed as standard in Vista.
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    As a footnote, be very careful if you have IPv4 and IPv6 support running at the same time. This has proven to setup out of band communication channels, which leads to all kinds of monkey business.

    Right now, the far east seems to be the leader in IPv6 support. I don't see it being widely deployed in the states for a few more years. Can't hurt to brush up on all the details now though.

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