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Thread: Most Effective Corporate Spam Filter?

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    Question Most Effective Corporate Spam Filter?

    Hello all, I am needing advice here. Anybody recommend anykind of Antispam filtering software for corporate. I am currently using Spamassassin plus modules and it is not very effective. Your feedback is appreciated.

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    I use ProofPoint for anti-spam and data leakage. I am much happier with them than IronPort. One thing to keep in mind, writing custom rules for Proofpoint can be intimidating if you don't have a background in RegEx.

    I probably don't have to tell you this but this is a network based appliance, not a client side app.

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    hmmm proofpoint? Never heard of it. I will google that as soon as i can. I do not have expierence with RegEx. Is this device high maintenance?

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    We use www.gordano.com as a mail system and we're very happy with it.
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    I will definitly google all these responses. I am looking for something that is very low maintenance and somewhat inexpensive. I will keep you guys updated as we progress.

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    I'm not sure of the price of the package we use, but all of our email is routed through a company called mxlogic.
    If a user gets an email that is suspected to be spam they will get an email the next day with a list of suspect spam messages.
    If they don't know where it came from they can delete it without it ever being on their computer.
    If they know the sender they have an option to "release" and it will forward the email to their inbox from the mx logic servers.

    We have been extremely happy, I've been with this company for 3 years, and we have never had a virus come in through our email.

    Another cool thing about mx logic, say your circuit drops for a while, mx logic caches all of your email until it can reach your server again.

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    We use a solution similar to AngryKilla's.

    We don't have a ton of email users so we use our ISP as a relay. They provide spam/virus filtering for us by using a product from baracudanetworks.


    It works pretty good. What that doesn't catch, Outlook 2003 and 2007 do a pretty good job of. Then of course, antivirus on the client too.
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    A lot of ISPs us postini. I am not sure if that it only for webmail though. It works really well. You can also setup filters for peoples outlook for a non-server side solution.

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