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    Internet Script Error, won't go away...

    I get a internet script error everytime i go into start > run > services.msc

    around 50 will come up and I will have to hold alt f4 for about 30 seconds if I want them to go away quick enough (what usually results in me closing the services tab). I checked every process and the only thing that makes the error go away is closing explorer.exe ... which is annoying sometimes have to use task manager to open everything. I did registry scan's using around 5 different scanning tools. Did bitdefender antivirus scan.. hijackthis.. tune up 2007's disc doctor and I still get it. I check to see if there were any unusual services running. I reinstalled a different script debugger as well as tried to disable it completely through IE. Still nothing. Wallpaper will go away .. internet script error also occurs when I go into certain folders. Which results in every folder closing and explorer.exe restarting. Any advice... is there a program that will fix this? I even tried removing internet explorer all together and installing the new version.

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    Can you post a screen shot?

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    how long has it been since that pc had a format? Sounds like the usual windows "needs a reinstall on a regular basis" thing.
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    Can you get there through administrative tools in the control panel? Does that give you errors too?
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