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    Unhappy Auto Out of Office

    hey all, quck question. i have does a little research on this but cant find anything. maybe you fine folks can help me out. i keep forgetting to turn my out of office assistant on. is there a tool out there somewhere that can turn it on for me at spesicic times and dates?
    this is office 2007 running on vista...

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    You can always use a reminder....

    or a task list....

    I use both when going on vacation as I allocate different duties to several different people....so I so I have a Vacation Task list.....and a reminder to use it

    Works for me

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    I also use a tasklist before going on Vac for more than a couple of days.
    If I'm only out of office for one or two days, I won't set it. I never set it if I'm not no vacation... but I have a blackberry.

    If you know you are going on vacation or are going to be out of the office, setup your Out of Office Assistant well before you go away. Since you're using 2007, you can set it for a timerange.
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    Havent tried 2007 yet....still on 2003

    Phish...your link is broke


    This should work...

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