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    Talking Licensed browsing habits

    After reading an article on /. on how MS wants to create profiles based on user's browsing habits, a thought occured to me. What if someone were to copyright their personal browsing habits, and charge MS licensing fees for each computer they want to store this information on? Anyone know of any legal precedent involved or whether this is even possible?

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    Har, bloody, har...................just check this:


    As Microsoft and its manufacturing and internet service provider (ISP) partners receive ever more support calls related to spyware, Microsoft continually renews its commitment to deliver a powerful response to the threat.
    A "powerful response" would be getting their snouts as deep into the trough as anyone else.

    Let's face it, clientside is the only way you could possibly collect that sort of data?

    Anyone who would volunteer it without recompense would be in an extreme minority, rendering the data worthless.

    The only way to get the full monty is to spy on people...................

    Here is the New Scientist's article:


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