ahh heres my problem i hope you could help me with this one.

i have a linksys wireless -g broadband router model no. WRT54GC ver.2.0

heres the problem i think its intermetent but correct me if im wrong

ahhh.....!!! well these wireless router is connected to a hub (but the hub is connected to a dsl router/modem prolink model no. H9200P) & they have a different address the wireless is and the wired one is well in the first few weeks it works fine but after a month the wireless seems to be to in the normal condition it always shows that it is connected but limited or no connectivity im using a automatic configuration.

ahhh the wireless is connected to the hub actually to be part of the lan so it can share printers and files these is just a small office so we are just using a workgroups not a domain controllers and we are using wndows xp for workstations.

the wireless network is not connected to the network or should i say the it has no network or no connection to the internet. any post may appreciate. it seems that wireless is always like this if you agree its fine but not thanks for posts. thanks guys,