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Thread: Fortinet Vs CyberGuard

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    Fortinet Vs CyberGuard

    Hey gang,

    I have previosly had alot of success with the CyberGuard SnapGear range or routers; they seem to be reliable and easy to configure. I have joined a new company and they seem to favour Fortinet (Fortigate Products), which is a company i have actually never heard of.

    Does anyone have any experience between the two and have any opinion on preference. I heard that the FG60 (Fortigate) uses SSL VPN but that was about it.

    [edit]The models i am interested in is the FG60, SG300, SG560. Also if anyone has experience or opinion for other Fortinet products feel free to blurb.[/edit]

    Can we also have a discussion regarding SSL Vs PPTP / IPSec ?

    Any opinions?


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