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    In Love---with OS X

    I remember messing around with mac when OS X came out. I was in my high school's Mac Lab almost everyday tinkering with the terminal and stuff I never thought I'd use a Mac to do pen testing. The weird thing though is that in a lot of movies I notice that the IT ppl use Macs or mac interfaces. Even in the show "The Real Hustle" it looks like they use Macs during their bits. So wednesday I bought a PowerbookG4 867MHz 768RAM from craigslist that was dirt cheap. The details about the guy obtaining the laptop were sketchy, but I didn't care I just wanted a laptop. I've been using windows and *nix for ever and have always had a bias against Macs, but I have to admit...I am impressed. I've got my IRC client, wikipedia and dictionary widgets installed. NmapFE, and I'm downloading FINK and Xcode as I type to be able to get more and newer version of software. Things are not bad at all. (not yet?) Does anyone else do pen testing on a Mac? Any reccomended tools or sites? I'm loving how awesome the interface is but at the same time having being able to pull up that terminal and have a bash shell waiting for my commands...it's effing sweet, oh and Laptops are great too! I can finally start making some money this summer and get some Official Pen Testing experience.
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