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    I think so only because it would be one less hop but the only thing that would be changed is latency not bandwidth and that wont even be noticeable. What you want to do is distribute the overall traffic throughout several switches. Each switch should manage about the same amount of traffic. Not all traffic for one switch and little for another.

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    Another reason why I am trying to figure out where ever single device is connected so I can balance it better and map it out for easy of use and troubleshooting.

    If half of our company is in a part of our office where only two cat5e cables connect to our main closet how many connections should be made to the other side? One per switch or perhaps get something that is more high speed to handle the huge amount of data being sent back and forth from the fileserver and app server (I am talking many gigabytes of data every day).

    Thanks again guys for helping me figure out the best ways to do this. Much appreciated.
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    Glad we could help. :-) Just take your time figuring out where all the traffic is concentrated and take it from there. Make sure to keep us all posted on the results too. We love to know how our advice turned out

    Good luck and have fun!

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