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    I know this isn't really wireless security, but it has to do with wireless networking, so I decided to post here. I have bought a Netgear WG111, and want to use it in a cantenna. Ive gotten an image of the inside if the card:
    (I think the plates on the top and bottom are the antenna)
    Anyway, im not very knowlegable on antenna theory, and I'm wondering how to do this, and I'm not sure how exact everything has to be. I've read online, and they seem to go with the 100mm diameter can, which i have. When Ive read, it has said to put it 44-45mm away from the back of the can, but im not sure about the distance between the two 'plates' in the card, and how much that offsets the wavelegnths. From a comparison from the picture to the card I have, I'm thinking the ouside of the metal plates in the card are about 5-6mm apart. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated!
    oh yea, and I have another question along the same lines. If I have this card, which when in the vertical position should be emitting horrozontally, and there is a bolt under it, will that affect the radio waves?
    antenna facing down on top
    | |
    bolt (+) on opposite side of can
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