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Thread: CISCO for beginner

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    CISCO for beginner


    I just starting reading CCNA book by myself. And I am buying cisco gears,in a couple weeks time. And this is the lists of "my new cisco" for CCNA/CCNP:

    1 x Fastethernet port (onboard)
    1 x WIC-1T
    1 x Serial DTE-DCE cross over cable

    1 x Fastethernet port (onboard)
    1 x WIC-2T
    1 x Serial DTE-DCE cross over cable

    2 x Ethernet ports
    1 x WIC-1T
    1 x Serial DTE-DCE cross over cable

    1 x Ethernet port
    2 x Serial ports
    1 x 19" Rack mount kit
    1 x Octal cable (8 x RJ-45 cables) for access to 8 devices

    24 x 10/100 Fastethernet ports
    1 x 19" Rack mount kit

    24 x 10/100 Fastethernet ports
    1 x 19" Rack mount kit

    Also comes with:
    6 x Power cables
    2 x AC power adapters (for the 1700s)
    2 x Straight Through cable
    2 x Cross-over patch cable
    1 x AUI Transceiver
    1 x Cisco Console cable

    And I have the picture of my cisco setup netwok will be... as attachment.
    My question is, those cisco gear perfect for my CCNA/CCNP??

    What do you think??
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    Holy crap! You're buying all that equipment just for the exam? It seems like a waste to me. Use a simulator. I used this one: http://www.routersim.com/
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    Or try this: http://www.free-labs.com/ . You'll have to register and reserve a timeslot(well in advance since they tend to get filled) but their setup's quite good. Buying all that equipment doesnt seem all that practical.


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    or u can use dynamips

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    he sounds more like a Cisco salesman than a student
    I used Ebay to grab my set up for the CCNA
    simulator use was good too, but I like to get my hands on it as it were
    gawd knows what he'd feckin buy if he decides to do MCSE
    so now I'm in my SIXTIES FFS
    WTAF, how did that happen, so no more alterations to the sig, it will remain as is now

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    wow...seriously overkill, and a lot of money. you'd be better of saving the money for the exams, retakes if you're not too confident, or a class, which would have a lot of the equipment you'd need lying around, just check for cisco netacademy's hell, i did all fou semesters of the CCNA in high school for free, and at least in Texas its' offer at some community colleges for reasonable prices.

    but a decent CCNA lab would be a 2600 two 2500 (for real cheap ) and a decent switch with a couple of wic2t's. The most expensive thing you should purchase is the switch so you can play with the vlans and trunking protocols. But one thing at a time, get the CCNA before you fiddle with the CCNP so you don't waste money on something that'll be outdated by the time you go for the CCNP.
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    Actually, when i went through my ccna classes they gave us PacketTracer. It is really in-depth software made by Cisco that allows you to simulate a network. From adding PC's, switches, routers, WAN clouds, wireless to actually accessing the IOS in any of the equipment in the simulation and putting commands in yourself, then you can get on one of the PC's in the sim and ping another computer to see if you did it correctly. I really love it.

    Now im not sure if you have to be in the NetAcad or not to get it but I have been able to find it on many other sites online with little searching. If you can get that, I would really recommend it because it would save you loads of cash.

    The newest version they had is 4.0 but it was about 6 months ago when i grabbed it so there might be a newer version.

    Good luck with the quizzes, they can be really tough.
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