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Thread: free avg and zone alarm

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    free avg and zone alarm

    a tech friend of mines told me to save memory i should delete my mcafee antivirus and firewall and install free avg and zone alarm pro and that would be just as good as mcafee. And that mcafee and norton are huge memory hogs. Is this true and is using free avg and zone alarm pro instead of my mcafee suite a smart thing to do? is it just as secure?? more secure or less secure.

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    Don't know about McAfee but when my Norton ran out I switched to Avast and never looked back. I've used ZoneAlarm and Avast for about a year and in spite of some extreme web surfing haven't picked up a "nasty" yet.

    I should add that I got nailed with "CoolWebSearch" with Norton running.

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    I used AVG Free for about 2-3 years now and i love it....
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    I'd agree that AVG is far better than the two "biggies" of mcafee and norton.

    As for Zone Alarm, I've stuck with windows firewall and the firewall in the router. Does the job just fine for me.
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    a tech friend of mines told me to save memory i should delete my mcafee antivirus and firewall and install free avg and zone alarm pro and that would be just as good as mcafee
    1. Do you have a memory problem? how much do you have and how much is being used?

    2. What operating system are you using? I know it must be Windows 2000 or better for Zone Alarm to be an option.

    There is a difference between a commercial security suite and individual "free" items. Basically, all the suites consume more resources "out of the box". However, once you have built your own suite from various free offerings you will find that difference not to be so great, particularly if you turn off parts of the suite that you do not need.

    You are also responsible for ensuring that all aspects remain covered and that everything remains integrated and up to date.

    As for "good" well, there's no such thing


    And both AVG and Kaspersky were amongst the failures of the latest VB100 tests.

    BTW, Zone Alarm Pro is not a free product.

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    I am using Avast anti-virus with Comodo firewall. I am also cautious about what I download and where I surf.

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    Zone Alarm Security Suite has always been a winner for me. $50 a year is not too much to ask.

    It doesn't play well with others, however. That may be a good thing.
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    I beleive that norton & mcafee have nothing better than other applications, they just slow down your computer exactly as a virus does!!!

    I've used Kaspersky and sometimes bitdefender for two years now, they are really perfect...

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    I agree, Norton and Mcafee have added so much into their products to make it sound 'all singing and all dancing' to less savvy users that they have not really kept an eye on the performance aspect of their software.

    Zone Alarm is IMHO by fay the best security suite to use, even the free one is pretty good, but the commercial one is very affordable for home use....
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    I agree major brands are getting to be worse than a virus

    I have used every major virus program and AVG has never let a bug in my machine and it runs as fast with it as without it.

    Zone Alarm is my firewall and I have had to turn it off to view websites this can generally be solved by allowing the site but not always an easy thing to do.
    As far as Spyware goes I'm still looking for something I'm happy with. Presently I'm trying Spyware Dr., Spyware Sweeper and AVG's free offering. Spyware Dr has been troublesome and at this time I'm inclined to go with Spyware Sweeper.

    I don't think there will ever be a completly secure virus program, firewall or antispyware program.

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