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    Quote Originally Posted by SawPer

    It looks really promising! Will give it a try!
    Many thanks!


    Ouch, the free one doesn't have Vista support!
    That was too bad, looked really good...

    Any other suggestions on free Vista supported expert mode software firewalls?
    If you don't mind trying out Alphas and Betas..Comodo has a version available for Vista, you will need to sign up at their forum for the downloads.


    Check out here as well.. http://www.wilderssecurity.com/showthread.php?t=178432
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    Try the second link that I posted and external mirror #1?

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    AVG is pretty good. I also like Kaspersky AV. Both are very good indeed. For firewalls I run and use Sygate.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nihil
    Try the second link that I posted and external mirror #1?


    Thanks! Installed it, seems like a trial version though, will last till July 23rd. Then I can't save any changes anymore...
    Interface is pretty good, but a little cumbersome. Would be nice if the real time application monitor would let you modify the apps on the fly...
    Doesn't feel as nice as Sygate, but pretty close. Don't like apps that throws a popup asking you what to do, and then if you ever want to find/modify settings after wards, good luck... seems like an inbetween firewall.
    Not too bad though. Better than MS Firewall, and the best one I've tried so far for Vista.

    Thanks again Nihil!

    ps. Wonder if Comodo is better as far as that goes?

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    I'll need to try that software you posted Nihil...seems like it might be pretty nice stuff.

    As far as AV goes, I use Free AVG as well....love it.

    My firewall is just my router firewall(left over sonicwall from work). Personally, I cannot stand Zone Alarm. Program is a POS if you ask me....but thats just me. lol

    I've never had any problems with Norton before, although I haven't gone back since using AVG.

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