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    Question Book Recommedations Anyone?

    Does anybody have any book recommendations for Windows NT 4 & Windows Server 2000 migrations to Windows Server 2003? I have googled this and got many results with different reviews. I am having trouble making a decision. All feedback is appreciated.

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    I would not recommend upgrading an nt box to 2003 server. IMHO you dont need a book if they are already setup. While the 2000 server is up put in the 2003 disk and follow the setup :-)

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    Well, i do know networks that are still running on a NT4 domain. I am aware on how to upgrade networks, I am just looking for 1 book that would cover it all so I can teach others.

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    Not something I have ever had to do, but I imagine oofki is right here. Stick the disk in, windows installers are usually fairly smart about these things.
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    Look around the microsoft technet site.
    Lots of articles about migrating..

    AFAIK there are no books about it.
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