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    Madeleine McCann

    What do you think? Maybe you in the US are not familiar with the case. I will not give details, or even links, as they are too numerous, but it's very easy to find. I have my own opinions, but can only go with what I have read. Read what is availabe and judge for youselves
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    Shes gone. Its been far too long. Either dead or kidnaped and raised as one of their own.

    What stupid ************************************ brand of idiot leaves a three year old unattended for more than thirty seconds?

    Look, I have complete sympathy with the parents, this is a horrible thing. Doesn't mean I agree with their actions.
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    Ditto. Let's see you go to another country, go out to eat and leave a 3 year old to baby sit younger kids. Yeah that will work.

    I have an autistic son who is 19, he is dating a "special" girl who is 16. When they go to the movies I sit in the parking lot in case there's a damn fire alarm or some other catastrophe during the movie. Parenthood involves some sacrifice and some common sense.

    What were these parents thinking? If there's a youth services department they should be evaluated to see if they should keep custody of the other kid(s)

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