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    Sound Drivers Crashing The System

    Every time I install the RealTek AC97 sound drivers, the system blue screens. According to the manufacturer's website, these are the right drivers.

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    Well thats pretty generic. If it is onboard sound try going to the motherboard mfgs site and downloading them from there.

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    What version of windows?
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    windows update from may 14th i believe. It was a user32.dll issue that "fixed" it but made it load into the memory space the drivers were trying to use. That caused me a headache for about an hour.

    P.S. I'm pretty sure, I've been jumping over forest fires to blow out matches lately so the date might be a bit off.

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    1. What message does the blue screen give you?
    2. Anything in the logs about it?

    If it is a brand name machine like Dell, try getting the drivers from their site.

    Also try downloading the drivers again if you haven't done that already........could be a corrupt download issue?

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