Hi guys,
I知 a new member of the forum and I need help! I知 graduated in January in Engineering of the Telecommunications and I am working from two weeks to a Cryptography project. In the course of my studies I have not had way to study arguments of the sort and my competences in merit are not very techniques. The customer has asked to my team to catalogue the existing algorithms subdividing the principals in equivalent classes of security. The parameter for the realization of the table is the force of the algorithm that is the order of magnitude of the number of operations statistically necessary to the better attack in order to force that algorithm. The problem is that I can稚 find no document that make me able to subdivide the equivalent classes of security.
That I would have to obtain is one table in which, as an example, to put in class the 4 (less sure) all the algorithms with smaller force of, as an example, 80 bit; in class three all those with force comprised between, as an example, 80 and 128 bits; in class 2 those with force comprised, as an example, between 129 and 256 bit and in class 1 all those with force > of 256 bits. Someone can tell me if there is a way to characterize the equivalent classes motivating because in the various classes there are the algorithms with a given force (for example in class 4 there could be algorithms absolutely insecure)?
I hope that someone helps me because I am thruly in great troubles!

Sorry for my terrible English!