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Thread: Software to open cash register box

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    Software to open cash register box(cash drawer)


    My uncle just open a small shop and he need software/program that can open cash register box (cash drawer) "automaticly" without lock/unlock the cash register box (cash drawer) manually.The program/software will be install to the computer connected to cash register box.

    Anyone know about that sofware/program?
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    What kind of POS system is he using? Have you talked to the vendor for such a solution? Most POS systems will have a way to login or validate an employee. So a customer can't just walk up and press a button and grab the cash and run out the door. This would be the "lock", as they have to sign into the system to open or complete a transacation to open the drawer. These systems normally also have an manual lock that disables the register all together, overrides the login or etc.
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    phish~ is right, these systems are pretty much hardware vendor specific. As in you don't go out and buy the software separately. Ones I have seen have had three basic methods:

    1. A key to identify the user and activate the register.
    2. A token, card or whatever that you insert.
    3. A key sequence that you type in.

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