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    hijackthis - google the files to see what they are so you can learn whats good and whats bad. then you can do it yourself next time.

    if hijackthis is too over the top try autoruns by ms/sysinternals. its like if hijackthis and msconfig had a kid. its simple, easy and you can disable entrys instead of just deleting them.

    get rid of your AV and put on nod32. I know ill take heat for this but I use it @ work for spyware calls and %95 of the time all I do is put on nod32 update it run it with clean/delete file handlers and walk away. come back after a coffee and a smoke. remove nod32 reboot. yeay its fixed. not always

    anyone else notice that ewido seems to be going down hill after they got p0wnd by avg?
    meh. -ech0.

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    By the looks of this, it seems you are using Internet Explorer to browse the web (your diagnostic program did not list any other browsers). You should try using an alternative web browser, like Firefox or Safari, because you get tighter security and you have less chances of getting inflicted with viruses.

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