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Thread: VMware a nice choice?

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    Quote Originally Posted by R3fug33
    O.K. now I fixed it. Now is running fine
    Thanks for help.
    May I know 'HOW'? Actually I just wanted to know 'what to do if the same thing happens to me'?
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    I think vmware is a nice choice, I've got vmware fusion beta 4 running on my macbook (running many Oses: netware 6.5, solaris 9, solaris 10,Red hat linux enterprise 5 server,Suse linux enterprise 10 server,debian linux 4.0,OpenBSD 4.1 server, windows 2003 and back track linux).
    The best thing is I can use backtrack linux using usb wireless card to do some penetration testing using aircrack,etc...

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    Nice when I get my macbook a the end of the summer I def want to get fusion.

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