Free Webinar on Information & Network Security Threats.

Webcast Title:
Designing IS Strategies to Stay Ahead of Network Threats

Event Date:
June 28, 2007 @ 1-3PM EDT

Event Speakers:
Dave Cullinane, CISO, eBay
Dan Lohrmann, CISO, State of Michigan
Michael Yaffe, Director of Marketing, Core Security Technologies

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Is your Business Prepared?

Learn about computer security breaches and their devastating consequences on an agency and its constituents. CSOs, CIOs, CSIOs are now making cyber security a priority concern. Given the recent events, everyone understands the grave impact of security vulnerabilities and communication disruptions to an agency business if cyber vigilance is not exercised fully.

Now more than ever, CIOs, CSOs, and CISOs have to stay 2 steps ahead to ensure the security of their systems and company data. While many struggle to manage this cyber menace, others have initiated proactive strategies to meet this challenge.

There are always hackers, cyber attacks, and other threats coming from both outside and inside the organization and these threats keep getting more and more sophisticated. Systems are always vulnerable to new attacks or new internal security measure failures.

Listen to recognized practitioners who understand all too well that security is a business issue, and IT is a tool to drive business results. Speakers will share how they are addressing these threats strategically.

Take Away Points Include:
-Demonstrating a Return on Investment in Security
-Strategic Cyber Security Project Case Studies - specifically looking at
-Internet Filtering
-Penetration Testing
-Anti-Spam Filtering
-IT Security Awareness
-Cyber Emergency Exercises - testing your defenses with a case study on Michigan's involvement in DHS's global exercise called Cyber Storm

Program Intended For:
-IT Security Professionals, CSOs, CISOs, CIOs, VPs, Directors, Heads of IT, VPs, Directors, Heads of Planning

Complimentary streaming audio is available and live webinar will be archived.

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